Team - The Founders

Maria Vogler

Born 1952, Educator, Naturopath of Classical Homeopathy, mother of 3 children.
What attracted me to Arno Stern and his Closlieu? 

After all these years of being an educator in various fields and since 1995 the founder of 'Herzlichtgarten e.V. - a place for children', I may have had to resign first in order to have the time and space to stumble upon Arno Stern and his Closlieu in Paris by watching the documentary 'Alphabet - fear or love' (Erwin Wagenhofer,2014).
I saw his achievement, his discoveries, heard his words...and immediately realized the significance of his work.
Such a place - a Closlieu - I desired to create. It should be an extension of the already existing kindergarden. 

A room was found in no time: we transformed our (outsorced) office
space at Hasenheide no.93. In the spring of 2017 I was accepted to Arno Stern's educational program in Paris and became a 'servant of the painting play'. His teaching about the 'Formulation', as he calls , his major discovery, fell on 'fertile ground'. During the last years of my carrier I intensively researched about ' Play(ing) and holistic health of children'. 

Free play in my eyes is essential to a healthy child. Though many children today lack the experience of at-easeness and the ability of playing freely. I see my task now in providing an opportunity for it - by offering playfully painting in this protected, interference-free space in our Closlieu.
A multi-generational project for all young and young at heart - between 3 and 99 years. 

'Nana' Gabriele Mikolajczak

Born 1961, Occupational Therapist, Caretaker of senior citizens, Jewelry-Designer und 'Servant of the Painting-Play' since February 2017.
Because of a personal crisis 2016 I stepped out of my self-created treadmill. Not for the first time I was searching for more authenticity, joy and connectedness. And I found: a long-lost friend - Maria, a new teacher - Arno Stern and a new approach towards my favorite way of playing during childhood - painting.
Finally someone had freed it from judgements and the harmful comparisons with the Fine Arts which had at last spoilt my painting enthusiasm. Finally my inner (painting) child had found a home.
And the adult in me felt a new calling - to provide the painting-play to others - small and large people - who enjoy their own endless creativity and playfulness.
What is more fulfilling than to serve this purposeless play?




Lucia Peinado Metsch

She was part of the team since the beginning until Corona hit us all in 2020. Her inner voice told her to leave Germany for good and to go back with her little family to her roots: Spain.


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