Welcome to the homepage of MALORT Kreuzberg-Neukölln !

"Creativity is an attitude, the capacity to master any challenge in life!"
Arno Stern



Our 'Closlieu' according to Arno Stern exists since September 2017.
Painting in a non-judgmental space for people between 3 and 99. Here the joy of painting can unfold. Discover your original trace. Playfulness is the goal. 

All learned and non genuine ways can be put aside. The original, genuine way can finally have it's way. This process may take time - of course! Imagine a hole year of painting. Start any time...


Besides the typically mixed-generation-courses - which prevent comparison and competition - we are proud to be be able to allow the kids of 'Herzlichtgarten' e.V. a regularly experience of the painting-play.




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